Winter brings with it not only chilly temperatures but also treacherous road conditions.

To combat ice and snow, road authorities often resort to the liberal use of road salt.

While road salt is undoubtedly effective in ensuring safer driving during winter, it comes with a downside - it can be detrimental to vehicles.

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Corrosion and Rust

One of the primary reasons why road salt is detrimental to vehicles is its propensity to cause corrosion and rust.

Road salt, typically in sodium chloride, lowers the freezing point of water, allowing it to melt snow and ice on roadways.

However, when this salty slush sprays onto your vehicle, it can seep into crevices and gaps in the car's body and undercarriage.

The corrosive nature of salt accelerates the oxidation process of metal parts, leading to rust formation.

To combat this issue, regular car washes during the winter months are essential.

Brake and Suspension System Damage

The damage doesn't stop at the vehicle's exterior.

Road salt can also infiltrate your car's brake and suspension systems.

The salt can cause the brake lines and suspension components to corrode, leading to reduced effectiveness and compromised safety.

Aesthetic Damage

While the safety and mechanical aspects of a vehicle are crucial, aesthetics also matter to many vehicle owners.

Road salt can leave white, crusty deposits on your car's exterior, creating an unsightly appearance.

Frequent car washes, along with applying a protective wax coating, can help prevent this aesthetic damage.

25 Essentials to Keep in Your Vehicle During the Winter Months

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