Montana Librarian of the Year from Great Falls

Regardless of what type of job you do for a living, being recognized for your accomplishments by your peers is an amazing feather in your cap.  Not to mention it might bring a little extra money in the paycheck at the end of the month.

Recently in Great Falls, one of our local community members has been honored for their work within the walls of our public library and has been named the Montana Librarian of the year by the Montana Library Association.

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The Great Falls Public Library Director Receiving Honor for 2023

Each year the MLB awards several different distinctions to libraries and librarians across the state.  The Sheila Cates Librarian of the Year award is presented to a librarian in recognition of outstanding leadership and accomplishment in library service.

Great Falls Public Library Facebook Page
Great Falls Public Library Facebook Page

This year that award has been presented to the Great Falls Public Library Director, Susie McIntyre.  Not only did Ms. McIntyre come home a winner, but the GFPL was also named in another category for the awards.

Even More Awards for the Great Falls Public Library

Also, this year during the annual banquet the Great Falls Public Library received another honor via the Montana Library Association.  The 2023 Great Falls Public Library Board of Trustees received the 2023 Jane Lopp Trustees of the Year award.

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From the GFPL website:  "The Board members honored were current board members chair Whitney Olson, Jessica Crist, Anne Bulger, Sam DeForest and former member Brad Eatherly. Eatherly left the board in the second half of 2023 and was replaced by Noelle Johnson for the remainder of his term."

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