Try These 25 Unique Ways to Celebrate May in Montana

It is a little tough to tell yet in Montana when we look out our windows, but it really is Spring out there.  Despite what our weather forecasters and Mother Nature continue to tell us and show us.


But it is a new month, and with it come a whole new bunch of ways to get out and do something that maybe we never have tried before underneath these big skies of our state.  Albeit cloudy skies, sometimes with snow kind of skies.

Think Outside of the Box This Month for Things to Do

May features some great ways to celebrate.  With Cinco De Mayo in the first week, it kicks off with a bang.  Follow that up with celebrating the moms of the world in a big way for Mother's Day.

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And of course, May is the month that also signifies for many across Montana and the country the kickoff to the vacation season with the Memorial Day Weekend.  Although it can still be a bit chilly to water ski in some of our Montana lakes and reservoirs yet!

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What About All Those Other Days of the Month of May?

Despite tacos, flowers and cards and all your clothing smelling like campfire, how else is May celebrated?  Perhaps getting the bike ready for the River's Edge Trail, or finding a great BBQ recipe to impress Mom with?

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We've gathered 25 of the best to celebrate through the entire month of May with.  I mean, you wouldn't want to miss celebrating International Jockstrap Day, would you?  Which, by the way, is celebrating its 150th birthday this year!

The Month of May Is...25 Ways to Celebrate the Entire Month

Whether you aren't quite ready to come out of hibernation for Spring or you have already sprung and are ready to go, there is something for everyone in the month of May to enjoy.

Gallery Credit: JD Knight

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