Montana recently enacted a new law that drivers need to be aware of!

The "Move Over Montana" law went into effect in October of 2023.

The goal of this law is to increase road safety for emergency responders and maintenance workers.

Move Over Montana Law Details

This legislation mandates drivers approach stationary emergency, towing, maintenance, or construction vehicles cautiously and respectfully.

Here's a breakdown of the key provisions:

  1. Slowing Down Near Special Vehicles: When encountering stationary special vehicles, drivers must decrease speed to the temporary posted limit, if available.
  2. No Temporary Speed Limit: In the absence of a temporary speed limit, drivers should reduce speed by 20 miles per hour below the posted limit on interstates, and move to the furthest lane if feasible. If changing lanes isn't possible, slow down to half the posted speed.
  3. State Highways and Country Roads: On state highways or country roads without temporary speed limits, drivers must reduce speed by 30 miles per hour below the posted limit and either change lanes or slow down to half the limit if lane changing isn't safe.
  4. Other Roads: On non-interstate, non-state highways, and non-country roads, drivers must travel at half the posted speed limit when passing these stationary special vehicles.
  5. Multi-Lane Highways: On multi-lane highways, drivers must either change lanes away from the stationary vehicle or move over as far as safety permits, considering road conditions.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

  • Maximum fine: $10,000
  • Maximum imprisonment: Up to one year
  • For reckless endangerment:
    • First conviction: Imprisonment for up to 90 days, a fine ranging from $100 to $500, or both.
    • Second or subsequent conviction: Imprisonment for 10 days to 6 months, a fine from $500 to $1,000, or both.

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