Try One of These Popular Indoor Heaters for Montana Winters

Record breaking cold weather across much of central Montana in the past week has certainly tested things in that time.  Batteries, fluids, boilers and patience.  It has all been put through the ringer, as temperatures have shattered 50+ year old records.

How are you staying warm in your home from the frostiness that is Mother Nature?  If you are considering a portable heater, there are several different models that can fit the bill, depending on your needs.

Doing The Due Diligence of Research Before the Purchase

I'm a guy.  If I need something, I go to the store and buy it.  Unlike my wife (bless her) that will spend two weeks researching what we need first, finding the best reviews and what people who actually use the product think before hitting the aisles of a store.


Using what is generally considered to be the best around for giving that research is Consumer Reports.  With tons of reviews on pretty much anything, it was an easy search to find three portable heaters that would fit the bill to tackle this weather.

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Safety Is of the Utmost Importance in These Frigid Weather Conditions

First and foremost, safety.  Take care of where you place your heater, what ventilation is available, and as always keep flammable material away from any type of heat source in your home, especially when using a portable heater.  For more winter weather heating safety advice, check with the Great Falls Fire Rescue.

So which ones?  If you need a separate heat source in your home, these are the suggested best for overall heating purposes.

The great thing about this Lasko at Amazon is the adjustable thermostat option.  What if my medium is someone else's low? Express Express

The ratings on the Dyson are pretty amazing, and I don't mind paying for quality, but the sticker shock on this model may be a little over the top for just a few uses each year.

Another entry from Lasko on Amazon, this has to be one of the coolest looking heaters out there.

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