It seems that just like eating in bed, having your pets in bed is pretty cut and dry when it comes to couples.  You either do, or you don't.  There really isn't an in-between regarding the subject.  But overall, it seems with my totally un-scientific poll of co-workers and my wife that we all have some sort of pet that makes its way onto the bed at some point.

Trying To Make Room For All The Fur And Yourself!

Our home is somewhere caught in the middle of whether we do or don't.  We have 3 furbabies that run through our home, ranging in size from 18 pounds to about 95 pounds.  And while we do have a king-sized bed, sticking two of those bigger dogs amongst us just doesn't work.  Our smallest always sleeps in the bed with us, but our large dogs have their own respective beds to sleep in.  Not to say that they don't join us once in a while on a weekend fun day, but overall, it just doesn't work with larger dogs.

The Smaller The Dog, The Better Of A Snuggle Buddy They Are?

Which brings us to our list.  The Kennel Club recently polled members as to what they thought the best dog breeds were to make a snuggle buddy with.  Most of those on the list, unlike in my home, are of the smaller breeds.  Bulldogs, poodles and terriers are amongst those, but what about the big dogs?  Great Danes, German shepherds or even our goldens?  Shouldn't they be included?  What say you?  Hit us up in the comments of our socials, with the station app, or you can email me here.  Happy snuggling everyone!

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