Who knew that garbage space in today's times would be such a commodity.  Now before you start heading off to a search engine to research "global garbage space pandemic", let me explain exactly what I mean by a commodity.  Garbage receptacles are all across Great Falls.  Of course they are.  Some are smaller, medium, large and then there is the "we just decided to bulldoze it and start over" size.  More than likely, you have your garbage picked up once a week.  It can tend to get a little full by the end of those days though!

Which Are You?  The Thoughtful Or The Stomp It Till It Overflows Person?

I try to be respectful to our neighbors.  For the most part, we all know each other and everyone is generally great and respectful to each other's property.  However, I have broke the rules on occasion by placing something a little overweight a few times to save a trip to the dump on my own, or sneaking in a computer monitor here and there.  But as of late, it isn't my neighbors I need to worry about, it's the contractor doing remodel work!  Our dumpster is immediately filled as soon as it touches the ground off the garbage truck with torn out junk!  Is it legal to do so?

So What Are The Sanitation Rules In Great Falls Regarding Construction?

It's pretty cut and dry for this one.  No!  You can't!  Not as a homeowner and not as a contractor.  In fact, it's number four on the list at the City of Great Falls website regarding disposal of refuse.  In place of such?  The city suggests calling the Public Works Operations Office to schedule delivery of a larger container for your specific purpose.  You can reach them here.  In short, unless it's everyday garbage from your everyday living, stop filling it to the brim with broken boards, toilets, sinks and whatever else comes from the walls!

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