As the time honored tradition of honoring our loved ones during the commercial holiday that is Valentine's day arrives, you may find yourself running out of time to find the perfect love of your life.  Don't worry though, because there are ten sure fire pick-up lines that will have your possible future bride or husband thinking you may be the one!

The Lines That Make Breaking The Ice A Little Easier

Pick-up lines really are a time honored tradition in the dating realm.  Even in today's times of on-line dating, there has to be something that breaks the ice between two people trying to get to know one another or just introducing yourself to someone you have never met before.  Getting the courage to walk up to that someone can come in a few different forms.  Whether it be a bubbly personality that can make friends easily, a little "liquid courage" from the bartender, or just a well rehearsed opening line that can be the catalyst to a whole new world of friendships and hopelfully, a relationship.

Getting It Out Without  A Stumble And With Confidence

Naturally, practice makes perfect.  That includes rehearsing your line to make sure it flows properly and can make the impact that you want.  The impact you don't want is that frying pan or drink in the face!  So make sure you are confident in that line!  Do you have a favorite line that you used to make your significant other swoon?  Hit us up on our socials in the comments section, email me here, or you can download our app for free below and message me!  Happy dating everyone!

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10 Pick-Up Lines That Might Most Definitely Get You A Date...Maybe.

If you struggle with breaking the ice when it comes to the dating scene, perhaps you just need to work on your introduction speech. Here are 10 pick-up lines that might help when it comes to putting a smile on their face!

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