I love polls, it really doesn't matter what kind they are either.  Checking on Valentine's Day, there are plenty of them out there.  Favorite foods, candies, flowers, locations, that list just gets longer and longer as you think about it.  But what if you get astrological about the science of picking a favorite chocolate by teaming it with your zodiac sign?

Personalized?  Absolutely!  You May Even Score Some Extra Brownie Points!

The great folks at Best Life Magazine recently asked folks what type of chocolate they should eat for the Valentine's Day based on their specific sign.  While it is definitely not all that scientific, some of these really got the taste buds going and made me want to head to one of our local candy stores to see if I could try all of them!  Plus, this is a great way to make your gift even more personal to your significant other!

Great Tastes To Tantalize And Tempt The Taste Buds!

Chocolate really can appeal to everyone in my opinion.  There are just so many variations of it, that pretty much anyone and everyone can find something to like!  It doesn't just work on it's own either.  Think of great pairings that go with chocolate; strawberries, cakes, sundaes, even tacos!  How can you go wrong with it?  You can't!  So don't miss the boat for Valentine's Day this year.  Team your loved one's zodiac sign with their favorite chocolate and not worry about having to make room in the dog house or the couch for a night of rest!

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Selecting The Best Chocolates For Valentine's Day Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Want to make those chocolates just a little bit more personal on Valentine's Day? Whether it be cakes, strawberries, even tacos, there is a candy that fits with each. Which is yours? Check out our gallery below to match up with your astrological sign!

Maybe flowers to go along with those special chocolates?  We can help with some of the favorite flowers out there for the Valentine's Day!  Check out the gallery below!

Favorite flowers for Valentine's Day

Flowers for any occasion

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