It is quite possibly the worst job we all have to come to terms with.  Keeping things in our lives clean.  Doesn't matter what it is.  Ourselves, our homes, the items in that home, our vehicles, our office work area.  Always cleaning.  And don't even get me started on laundry.  It's all just waiting for a good cleaning.  Are we doing that each and every day?  I can't speak for anyone out there besides myself, but it is not happening in my household!  Do I feel bad about it?  Sure, but it will it be enough to make me change my habits?  Probably not.

You Touch These Things Every Day, But Yet They Are Incredibly Dirty!

That's right.  Everyday items that we all have handled at one point or another, today!  The craziest part of those items?  They are more than likely more dirty or more contaminated than the toilet seat in your home!  Yikes!  And yes, every one is culpable when we talk washing those items.  I mean really!  When was the last time you thought about cleaning the remote in the living room?  Unless the dog has slobbered all over it, you might not have run a disinfectant type cloth over it since you bought the T.V.!  What about your cell phone?  You may wipe it with a cloth, but is it clean?  No, your shirt or in my case golf towel does not count!

10 Items Touched Multiple Times Through Your Day At Home Or At Work!

Alright, let's put you to the test!  How many of these items do you touch every day, and how many times a day do you grab for them?  Grab the app below and send us a message, or hit up our socials and like, comment and share!  Happy cleaning eveyrone!

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10 Everyday Items Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat - Ewww!

No matter where you reach, you probably are grabbing something that isn't clean. But just how dirty is that item? Check out 10 of the most common items we touch every day that are in fact dirtier than a toilet seat!

7 Unbelievable Dirty Office Spaces

Imagine you get the phone call you've been waiting for, we're opening back up, everyone can head back to work. Now, as we all know, there have probably been some things that have been left unattended. Like office desks, keyboards, and telephones just to list a few. I know personally, when I was away from the office, the only thing I kept clean was the space I was living in. Now that some people are back to work there are a few places you might want to keep clean, not only for yourself but if you have a home business that requires you to entertain clients, their eyes can spot things that you probably didn't think that some people even pay attention to, like some of the things in this gallery.

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