Every year at this time, we reevaluate everything that has happened over the wintertime months.  How we stuffed this here in a corner, or just pushed a leaf pile to the corner of the fence to come back to, but never did.  Sometimes, it can seem like an incredibly difficult and daunting task to undertake.  It doesn't have to be that way!  Get yourself set for spring and cleaning and picking up with our easy list!

Break It Down, Make A List and Get Started!

Starting with a list can help immensely.  Figuring out what needs to be done will put you on track to get all these things done and leave your summertime free to enjoy vacations or the golf course!  When starting that list, think basic things that are neglected throughout the winter.  Easy places like the garage, the coat room, even some of the garden can start being taken care of to get that list going!  Make your list small to start, then work your way into more of the big projects that will need to be handled.

What Do The Surveys Say On Where To Get The Ball Rolling?

TruGreen says we should have ten simple projects to get going on our spring cleaning for the year.  Again, these are easy things that you may even be keeping up with through the year as your normal cleaning schedule.  Have you organized your basement or attic?  What about the garage?  Did you put back the Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations or just toss them up without a thought?  What are your go to starter projects for spring?  Hit us up in the comments or email me here with your answers!  Happy spring cleaning everyone!

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