Well, we have gone and done it again.  We sit in the top of another crazy survey from the web.  Although, this survey bugs me a little bit with the recognition that it brings to our great state of Montana.  Especially with the influx of out of state people that are seemingly clamoring to come to our state in the last couple of years.  And of course, it deals with alcohol across Big Sky Country.

We Certainly Do Love Tipping Them Back In Montana!

We have always been a hard, fast, fun loving bunch of folks for as long as we have called Montana home.  However, that can bring some unwanted celebrity status also.  24/7 Wall Street recently published a survey in which Montana comes in 4th across the country for the drunkest state in the Union.  Not really the way to promote ourselves to the rest of the country.

So What's The Problem?  We Like To Have A Good Time All The Time!

Hey, we all love a good time.  It's a part of who we are.  But when it starts to be shown across the country, the good time can lead to down time in our communities that are struggling to survive and bring in new people.  Sure, we all lament the new folks coming here, but we also need them to help build infrastructure and keep us going.  Labels like "the drunkest state" aren't helping bring in reliable revenue businesses.  Or perhaps I am totally thinking of this in the wrong way.  Maybe we just need to be a vacation destination.  Look how well that is working out in Bozeman.

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