In my humble opinion, nothing says Christmas like a Tom and Jerry Drink from the City Bar in Great Falls.

To stay true to tradition, my wife and I and a few friends made a trip to the City Bar to grab a few Tom and Jerry's.

While sipping on this Christmas-time staple, I wondered what the back story of the drink was.

 The History Of The Tom And Jerry Drink

According to the Gunther Toody's Dinner Website, the birth of the Tom and Jerry cocktail is commonly attributed to British scribe Pierce Egan during the 1820s.

Egan, renowned for his work "Life in London," featuring characters named Tom and Jerry, purportedly introduced this cocktail as a promotional tool for his literary creations.

Despite mixology luminary, Jerry Thomas claiming invention in his 1862 book, "How to Mix Drinks (or The Bon-Vivant’s Companion)," historical consensus credits Egan as the true pioneer.

Tom and Jerrys Rise to Stardom

In its heyday from the early to mid-1900s, the Tom and Jerry soared in popularity, inspiring dedicated punch bowl sets emblazoned with its name.

Although it experienced a resurgence in recent years, it remained a staple in the Midwest, where ready-made batter for this cherished drink is easily accessible for home preparation.

What Is A Tom and Jerry Drink?

Resembling eggnog, this classic concoction starts with separated eggs—the whites whipped to stiff peaks, the yolks blended with sugar and vanilla, then delicately folded together to create a delightful "batter."

This mix is then combined with steaming water or milk and a splash of rum or brandy, crowned with a sprinkle of nutmeg. Its frothy warmth makes it an ideal remedy for the winter chill.

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