Urban Camping Is the Buzzword Montana Doesn't Need

Camping is a wonderful place to relax, enjoy friends, family, pets and all that Montana Big Sky Country has to offer us, no matter the time of the year.  But if you had to do it all the time, could you?


Better yet, would you even want to attempt that sort of thing?

Sure, living in your camper 24/7, 365 seems like a cool thing, but for many out there, it isn't a choice.  They have to do it to survive in today's economy and times.

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Recent Article Highlights the Troubles with Urban Camping in Montana

Business Insider recently highlighted the surge in urban camping happening in Bozeman, Montana.  Urban camping loosely defined is those that are living in a RV or car on city streets.  For Bozeman, this has become an increasingly bigger problem as more people are choosing this form of housing.


According to Business Insider, property values have increased from an average home costing around $669,000 in 2020 to nearly $1.2 million dollars in 2024.  Bozeman also has the highest average rent in the state.  The results of those two factors alone have led to a 50% increase in the overall unhoused population.

Businesses Sue City of Bozeman to Deal with Problem

Last year, several businesses sued the city of Bozeman to try to alleviate some of the problem.  To help, "the city implemented an ordinance aimed at limiting urban camping. It prohibits camping at the same location for more than 30 days without getting an extension and also prohibits camping in front of certain places, like businesses and schools."

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In figures from the article, it is estimated that a 200% increase in people living in cars or RVs in the city has happened.  It's understandable that businesses and residents are worried about how their city is perceived.


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