The MAGIE show has rolled back in to Great Falls, MT at the Pacific Steel & Recycling Arena.  The expo highlights everything having to do with agriculture, including farming, ranching, haying and many more of the activities associated with farm and ranch life.  But even if that isn't the everyday lifestyle that you have, there are still an amazing amount of incredible things to be found for even us city folks.  With over 200 vendors, there is something that everyone can find to enjoy.

Montana Agriculture And Industrial Exposition - More Than Just What You Read!

While the focus is most definitely on the agriculture and industry side, one doesn't need to look to far to find many things that would work right in our own backyards.  Fencing materials, fasteners, hydraulics, tools, even small tractors that would all fit the bill for any type of work, whether on the ranch or your home in town.  Perhaps you would like to own your very own piece of Big Sky Country, there are even realtors or developers that you can talk to.

Something For Everyone, Even The Kids Can Get In On The Fun!

Absolutely!  Bring the entire family out!  Doing an easy walk through on Day 1, I found several families enjoying their time.  Plus the kids get to find out just how big some of this equipment really is!  Even as an adult, climbing into some of these amazing implements is incredible!  It might even make you feel like a big kid again!  Check out MAGIE at the Pacific Steel & Recycling Arena through this Friday.

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MAGIE - The Montana Agriculture And Industrial Exposition

The MAGIE is the Montana Agricultural and Industrial Expo, held each year in Great Falls, MT. Here are 10 great things to catch at the show, plus details on vendors and more!

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