The "Big Game" is this weekend and with all of the amazing and outrageous food, there will probably be an alcoholic beverage downed.  Or two, or maybe a 6-pack even.  Waking up the next morning can be a little unbearable at times with that dreaded banging headache, dehydration, cotton mouth and perhaps some nausea to throw in also.  It's just not fun, for you or your co-workers either!

Do These Crazy Concoctions Off The Internet Really Work?

While I considered going on a three week bender to really dig into this story and test each of these, I did not want to have to find a new place to live once I found all my things out on the lawn.  Which is where my wife said they would be if I attempted any such nonsense.  So, I really can't vouch for any of them.  My advice to you should you think one of these may be something you would like to try, check with your personal physician or a health expert before just reaching in the cabinet for any random ingredients to fix your headache!

My Head Really Hurts, Give Me One Of Those Recipes Now!

I have to admit, I was seriously astonished at the amount of remedies that can be found to cure that ugly hangover mess you created the night before.  It was difficult to narrow it down to the finalists, but here they are!  10 wild, weird and just maybe useful ways to make it go away!  Have one of your own?  Let me know by emailing here, comment on our socials or through the app, downloadable below.

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Hangover Cures That Might Or Might Not Make It All Better!

The internet is full of ways to fend off that next day hangover from a night on the town or for the big game. We've gathered 10 of those together for you to see if you're brave enough to give a try!

Top 10 Foods to Not Bring to the Next Big Game Party

Top 10 Foods to Not Bring to the Next Big Game Party


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