Check Out These Helpful Accessories For Skiing In Montana

Following an epic weekend of Skiing at Showdown Montana, the thought crossed my mind to pencil up an article on a few of my go-to skiing accessories.

Now, let me preface this article by saying I'm not an expert or crazy good skier, but I've narrowed down my must-have skiing accessories over the years.

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In case you missed this last weekend at Showdown, here's what Sunday looked like!

It was a little foggy near the summit, and there was epic snow!

New Snow at Showdown Montana 2/4/2024

Showdown picked up over six inches of new snow. It was epic!

Gallery Credit: Jason Laird

Now that we have reminisced about the weekend, here's my list of skiing accessories.

Neck Gaiter

If you have any facial hair, you know how frustrating zippers on your coat can be. haha, I swear by a neck gaiter; not only are they a great face covering if the wind picks up, but they also keep your coat from rubbing on your neck.

Ski Sock

For years, I skied with wool socks, and let me tell you, after making the switch to legit ski socks, I'm never going back. They are so much more comfortable for long days on the mountain.

Heated Vest and Gloves

Alright, chirp away! But don't knock it until you try it. I rarely even fire my vest or gloves up, but let me tell you, on the chair lift ride to the top, it can be nice.

Foot Warmers

On those frigid days, foot warmers are where it's at!

Ski Goggles

Much like crummy socks, I skied with sunglasses for years until I splurged and got goggles. Game changer!


Simple and easy to forget. Don't leave for the mountain without it!

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