An extended period of bone-chilling temperatures is upon us!

Bitter Cold Arrival

Brace yourself for plummeting mercury levels, as the cold is set to intensify with each passing day until Saturday. As if the low temperatures weren't enough, brace for even more frigid conditions due to wind chill, making it feel substantially colder than the actual reading. To add to the wintry mix, anticipate light snowfall intermittently through Friday morning, with the heaviest snowfall anticipated along the Rocky Mountain Front and in the Gates of the Mountains area.

The Weekend Chill

As we transition into Friday through Sunday, the persistent light snowfall from Thursday is expected to gradually diminish by Friday morning. The cause? A formidable surface high-pressure system approaching the north. Consequently, temperatures are forecasted to plunge, with portions of North Central MT experiencing high temperatures reaching 20 below or colder on both Friday and Saturday. Overnight lows could plummet to bone-chilling depths of 45 below in the coldest areas of North Central MT. Factor in the wind chill, and it's anticipated to be colder than 50 below in many regions, with mountainous areas possibly reaching a jaw-dropping 75 below.

Wind Chill Forecast for Montana
Great Falls National Weather Service

Uncertain Outlook: Monday through Thursday

Looking ahead to Monday through Thursday, the frigid air is expected to retreat gradually. However, forecasting the exact pace of this retreat remains a challenge. Models have been grappling with the speed of the transition and the occasional southward surge of cold air. Complicating matters further, the northeast sections of the CWA typically resist the departure of the cold air, adding an element of uncertainty to next week's temperature forecast. With low confidence in the outlook, be prepared for potential fluctuations in the weather as the cold air lingers.

In addition to the temperature uncertainties, there's an increased likelihood of scattered snow showers next week, particularly concentrated in mountainous regions.

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