The story of how 4/20 came about has several versions of lore that lend itself to the mystique of the plant itself.  Most people agree that it was started back in the early 1970's by a group of college students that just so happened to all be available at that particular time and gathered to celebrate.  It has now become part of the lexicon of America and the world to celebrate cannabis at that time, and also that date.

Recreational And Medical Marijuana In Montana

Since 2004, Montana has had a medical marijuana program available for those that qualify.  Since January of 2022, recreational marijuana has been available for those able to legally purchase.  Sales across the state continue to bring in major dollars, with Cascade country breaking records again for the month of March.  Celebrations will be happening across the state, the U.S. and across the world.

Finding A Dispensary in Great Falls and Cascade County Is Very Easy

If you are new to the cannabis smoking world, or perhaps new to the area, you may be wondering where to purchase your flower, pre-rolls, edibles and more at.  Don't worry, we have you covered with 10 of our favorites in our gallery below.  Great Falls is just now expanding the availability of dispensaries within the city limits, so we should be seeing more shops open up in the coming months or even years in town.  The convenience of being able to not leave the city limits will probably drive those sales even higher.  Do you have a favorite location for your marijuana?  Let us know in the comments on our socials, with the downloadable app below, or you can email us here.

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Finding Marijuana In Great Falls, MT - 10 Dispensaries in Our Area

Recreational or medical marijuan is available at various locations throughout the city. Here are 10 locations to get you set up and ready for fun on 4/20 or any time of the year or day.

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