I had to think hard about doing this article.  Would my management take offense that I was writing about a topic that is incredibly taboo.  How would my readers and listeners react in seeing the headline or hearing the top on air?  After a few consultations, I realized the main thing about cannabis in Montana.  It's legal.  There shouldn't be a taboo around it.  So, let's break down some of the fear and try to learn some of the benefits and ways that marijuana is consumed, and what is available in our area.

There Is Much More Than Just the Old Fire One Up Adage for Cannabis

When the word is mentioned, many minds immediately think a joint, a pre-roll, a doobie or something of the like.  While yes, rolling leaf is one of the ways, there are many other that are available depending on how you prefer to ingest it.  There are four main ways to ingest cannabis.  Those include inhaling, tincture, edibles or a topical creme.  Each of these have their own separate way of allowing the THC to enter your body.

Breaking Down the Ways to Enjoy Recreational or Medical Marijuana

Each person is different as to which way they enjoy and partake.  Most people will probably smoke through a glass pipe, perhaps using a pre-roll purchased from a dispensary, or using a blunt, a cigar that is hollowed out and re-used to ingest the flower.  There are also concentrates available in original form, or via a vape cartridge.

Tincture is available in a liquid form, to use under your tongue for ingesting the product.  Many dispensaries have this liquid available in a carbonated beverage, making it easier to not have the slightly off taste of a cannabis plant.

Edibles are becoming more and more popular among people that don't want to smell the aftereffects of smelling of smoke.  These are available at most stores in the form of hard candies like suckers, or in a gummy-style form, mixed with several popular flavors to again help cover the taste of the marijuana plant.

Topical cremes have also made a jump in sales and popularity in recent years as the benefits of cannabis for arthritis and more has become more public.

Know Before You Go, Make It Easier For Your Bud Tender!

Knowing how you prefer to ingest this plant will help immensely when you head to the dispensary to make your purchase.  If you still need help, be sure to ask questions of your personal doctor and of the dispensary that you are purchasing from.  Knowledge is power!

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