In a recent conversation, the topic of cigar lounges arose, which also led to the thoughts on why there aren't any cannabis lounges in Great Falls.  Or, really, Montana.  Which also led to the question of why aren't there any?

That is a pretty easy question, right?  It has a pretty easy answer also.

Because it's illegal to do so.  So far anyway.

Only 10 States Currently Allow for Public Consumption of Cannabis

In the US, 10 states allow for consumption outside of a private residence.  Of those, Montana is not one.  The state legislature added wording to the law in 2021, taking effect on January 1, 2022, that would make that illegal:

Both medical and recreational marijuana can only be consumed on private property away from public view.

It's the private property aspect of that wording that has me somewhat confused.  In Montana, bars or restaurants are considered private property, however, they are also considered public property at the same time.  Hence, no smoking.  But could there be a way around the law?  Sort of like a "grey area" that might allow someone to open a lounge?

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If Cigar Lounges Are Allowed, Could Cannabis Be That Far Behind Them?

In Great Falls, cigar aficionados can relax at the recently opened Omerta Cigar Lounge in downtown area of the city.  Which leads me to the following question, why isn't there a cannabis lounge of the same style?

If a lounge were to be privately owned, charged a monthly membership fee, or perhaps yearly fee, would there really be a difference?  As of late, more cannabis dispensaries have petitioned and won for opening within the city limits.  Could it lead to a cannabis lounge?  Perhaps, but again the grey area would need to be addressed.

Would you be alright with a cannabis lounge in the area?  Let us know in the comments of our social media, via the appchat feature or email me here with your thoughts.

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