Across the state of Montana, recreational marijuana sales continue to show big numbers in sales and use.  Each month, the numbers show increases as people have become more aware, and businesses are flourishing when it comes to those sales.  But there are also other endeavors that entrepreneurs are now starting to consider expanding making money off Mary Jane.

Combining Different Aspects to Bring Like Minded People Together

Business expansion has come to include exclusive glass shops, glass blowing classes, and tons of accessories that go with the lifestyle.  But what about combining two totally different aspects and coming up with an experience that is unlike any other?  Starting in Denver, Colorado, Bend and Blaze Yoga has become one of the more popular ways to enjoy two great things together.  Marijuana and Yoga.

You Can Experience This New Activity Right Here in Montana

Currently, there is only one location in Montana that offers Bend and Blaze, which is located in Helena, Montana at the Training Den.  Classes are extremely limited at this time, with the next available course being offered on August 10th.  Touting a "higher yoga experience" the event will be held at Sleepy Teepee recreational area.  You can even purchase recreational or medical marijuana from the onsite dispensary Sleeping Giant Gardens.

Can't make the date?  You can still partake in both activities with other fellow members via Zoom.  Find out more about the Bend and Blaze community by clicking here.

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