August was a another record month for recreational marijuana sales in Montana.  in August,  $19,807,451 was sold statewide and that breaks the old record set in July at $19,172,146.

Voters legalized the sale of marijuana on the 2020 ballot and it went into effect in January of this year.  And through the first eight months of the year a total of $130,000,000 in recreational pot has been sold.  If you add in medical marijuana the total sales for the year jump to $201,417,104.  This means the state has raked in about $30,000,000 in tax revenue.

Cascade County also had a record month for Rec sales of the weed.  The August total was $1,126,466 and that breaks the old record set the month before by about $14,000.

Other Montana County totals.

Glacier:  $182,278

Lewis and Clark: $1,282,905

Hill:  $478,493

Yellowstone:  $3,166,736

Missoula: $2,659,225

Gallatin:  $$3,237,866

Flathead:  $2,330,936

Meantime,  voters in Great Falls will have several Marijuana questions on the ballot.  One of those is the Cascade County question of taxing pot.  Under state law, each county can impose a 3% additional tax and voters will be asked to approve that pot tax on the November ballot.  If approved the money would go to the county and those towns in the county that are incorporated. They are Belt, Great Falls and the town of Cascade.

Another of the questions on the ballot comes from the city of Great Falls.  They are asking voters if they want pot dispensaries within the city limits.  And this question will be confusing to some voters.  For example, a vote FOR on this question means you do not want the dispensaries.   A vote AGAINST means you want the dispensaries. The city says it understands that the issue can be confusing but they worded it that way for legal purposes.  To find out more about this ballot question just go to the city website, and then click on community near top center, then hit news and then scroll down to ballot questions and all your information is there.



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