Marijuana Sales Continue to Skyrocket for Montana

As 2023 came to an end, the state of Montana started adding up the numbers for the medical and retail sales of marijuana within its borders.  Those numbers continue to show big gains into 2024 and beyond.

Since the legality of marijuana for medical use in 2004 and the lifting of restrictions on recreational use in January of 2021, with only a few exceptions, the coffers have increased each month and year of reporting through the state.

2023 Wraps Another Big Year for Sales of Marijuana in Montana

In data released by the Montana Department of Revenue, sales across Montana saw another increase in December of 2023.  Sales for medical marijuana increased nearly $160,000, up to $4,545,656 in total sales.

Recreational sales also saw a major jump to end the year.  Sales increased from November of 2023 by almost $1.8 million dollars.  Total sales for the month of December 2023 came in at $22,340,787 dollars.

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Cascade County and Great Falls Saw Increases in Sales Also

As with most counties that offer marijuana sales, Cascade County saw increased monies spent as well compared to the previous month.  Sales for medical marijuana in Cascade County increased by $28,000 up to $331,023 in December.

Sales for recreational marijuana grew even more than the previous month in the county.  Sales jumped nearly $140,000 up to $1,470,084 from the last month's total of $1,336,392.

Sales results into 2024 were not available as of yet from the Department of Revenue.

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