Industry Experts Wanted for Montana Cannabis Control Town Hall

As more states continue to legalize the consumption of marijuana, whether recreationally or for medical purposes, the industry continues to evolve and change.  Those changes will be the topic of a new town hall meeting with the State of Montana Cannabis Control Division.

Experts in the field and citizens are all encouraged to submit questions for the upcoming meeting, which was originally scheduled in February of 2024, but will now be taking place on April 10, 2024.

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Insights Are Crucial, Make Your Voice Heard in Montana About Cannabis

The Montana Cannabis Control Division's mission in the state is "to ensure the health and safety of all Montanans through fair administration, education, and enforcement of the Montana Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MMRT)".

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MCCD governs all of the marijuana industry in Montana, including licensing of providers and private issued medical licenses, inspections, doctors and even labeling and taxing of cannabis.

Submit Your Questions Via Online, Or at Virtual Meeting

To join in on the discussion of recreational and medical marijuana and the industry, you can submit your question or questions in advance using this form.  Submitting this form does not guarantee your questions will be addressed during the Town Hall. Due to time constraints and volume of submissions, we may not be able to answer all questions.

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To join in on the virtual town hall meeting on April 10 at Noon MDT, the State of Montana has set up a Zoom conference call for the day.  You can access that virtual meeting by clicking here.

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