Fort Benton Police Chief and One Officer Turn in Resignations

In a surprise announcement on social media on March 13th, 2024, the current police chief of Fort Benton, Montana has suddenly tenured his resignation, effective on April 20, 2024.  Also announcing their resignation was fellow officer Marcus Alvalle, effective March 31, 2024.

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With only three officers in the department, this will be a major challenge for the city to replace these officers as quickly as possible.  That may take time, as indicated in the post by the current chief, Adam Jacques.

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Troubling Times Across America to Fill Law Enforcement Positions

In making the announcement, current chief Jacques indicated that trouble with being able to recruit qualified applicants to the force as partial reason for his departure.  Chief Jacques said that:

"I care for my people, and I am not willing to accept anything but the best applicants, I am not willing to hire just to fill spots and put a new officer in a bad position or our community in a bad position with decisions, just to make it easier or fill a vacancy quickly and this played a large role in my decision."

As adjustments are made in the next few weeks, Jacques said that he would be working with the mayor and city council to see what law enforcement in Fort Benton will look like moving forward.

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Continuing To Serve Within Choteau County Sheriff's Office

While many people were sad that chief Jacques would be leaving, he did have some good news for many in the city of Fort Benton and the county.  Jacques said that he would be joining the Choteau County Sheriff's Office, bringing his faithful companion "Benny" with him also.

In his closing words announcing the resignation, Jacques said:

"To the residents you have been nothing but great and I am so appreciative of all your support over the last four years. I am glad I will continue to live in such a great city and still be able to make a positive impact through the Sheriff’s Office and our ambulance service.  Please reach out with any concerns or questions, I am always willing to meet up and talk."

To reach out to the Fort Benton Police Department, you can call 406-622-3332.

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