Dispensaries In Montana May Face Challenge from Idaho Law

A new bill is being proposed in Idaho that may just do that.  Ban what is able to be advertised within the borders of their state.  Now for the most part, when the word ban enters the picture, it can be a pitfall to never, neverland.

This bill might actually make some sense.  I mean, the stuff is illegal in Idaho.  Maybe blasting people with advertisements for it isn't the nicest way to go about things.

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Montana Hasn't Been Named in Recent Comments About Bill RS 31043

In an article posted from ESQUniversity, Republican Idaho state Rep. Judy Boyle stated at a hearing in Boise:

This bill is to prohibit illegal ads, any kind of advertising going on for illegal activities, or products.  What is permitted, she said, is whatever is allowed in Idaho.  That's all we really have jurisdiction over.

Boyle went on to say:

While the sales are legal in Washington and Oregon, she said that Idaho residents are being targeted with home delivery services in the two states where cannabis is now legal. “You can have drugs delivered to your Idaho doorstep, so I thought this was a little outrageous, so that's why you have this bill before you,” she said.

The last comment is really a surprising one, at least for me.  How are delivery services getting away with, well...delivery?  The bill now faces a hearing in the Idaho House of Representatives.

Will Peer Pressure Eventually Cause Idaho to Cave to Reefer Madness?

With surrounding states all with some sort of medical and recreational law regarding marijuana, could Idaho finally be ready to join the fold?  Probably not any time soon, as a proposal to legalize medical cannabis fell short just last year.

Many of our family trips involve travel to and through Idaho, and into those states mentioned in the bill.  I can affirm that dispensaries really are "a stone's throw" across the border.  And the billboards really are huge, multi-colored advertisements.  I understand the meaning of the bill.  It is probably needed.  Especially if those advertising dispensaries are breaking the law by delivering.

However, should just advertising a product be outlawed from state to state?  That might make for a slippery slope for other legislation of morals.

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