New Phone Fraud Scam Involving LE In Montana

You would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn't have one or both of the following:  a computer and a smart phone.


Unfortunately, with those two things come another in the form of nefarious deeds done by criminals.


The targeting of our internet access or the sending of text messages to gain access to sensitive information to then be used for criminal activity.  Now it seems we have another group targeting Montana.

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Scams Popping Up Everywhere Across the Big Sky State of Montana

In just the last few weeks, we have had reports of several different types of scams that have hit our state.

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Fraud has taken the shape of caller ID, data breaches at major companies, or the targeting of our elderly population has all been happening at a rapid occurrence rate lately.  Even our law enforcement has seen its fair share of having to put out fires caused by scammers.

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The Latest Scam Across Montana with Law Enforcement

This past weekend a new scam and fraud alert was issued by the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Office.  The scam involves a caller identifying themselves as being a part of the Sheriff's Office.  The male caller indicates they are Deputy Marvin Weber, with the LCCSO, even giving a badge number.

Lewis & Clark County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page
Lewis & Clark County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page

The Sheriff's Office states, "The male is saying the person has missed 2 summons to appear for federal court and must make an appointment in Helena the following day or there will be warrants for their arrest."


If you think you have received a call like this, contact your local law enforcement authority to report it.

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