Marijuana discussions are a touchy subject.  Opinions on both sides of the aisle have strong feelings of whether it is a good idea for recreational use or should be completely outlawed.  In our second series of our articles to shed some of the taboo about cannabis, we analyze the differences between the two species of the genus of the plant.

Where Did It Start, How Did It Come to The Americas?

Marijuana in the states arrived mostly by way of Mexico and South America, being smuggled across the border.  While Sativa's were growing wild in almost all of the equatorial regions of the globe, Indica's were growing more in Southern Asia and the Indian subcontinent.  Sativa was first introduced, but because of the difficulty of growing, especially in more northern climates, Indica is the more preferred preference when it comes to being a hardy, easily growable plant.

Different Effects, Different Experiences, The Tale of Two Species

What are the differences between the two species?  Let's break down both to help decide which is more in tune with your expectations:

  • Sativa contains high levels of CBD, which helps produce a heavy body "stone"
  • Sativa contains thick leaves; short, stout plants with thick buds

On the other hand, indica has the following characteristics:

  • High levels of THC, producing a clear, soaring head "high" or "stone"
  • Thin leaves; tall plants with wispy, light buds

Knowing the difference between these two species will help in deciding how to enjoy cannabis as a recreational drug.  As always, I recommend talking with your personal physician or family doctor before trying cannabis for the first time.  Have questions?  You can contact us through our socials, with our downloadable app below or email me here.  Happy lighting up everyone!

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