I am really not sure when it happened.  I was young and carefree, not a worry in the world.  But then, suddenly out of nowhere, it set in.  The curmudgeon side has started to take over.  At least I think that is what my wife called it.  I was too busy spying out my front window like a feline focused on a squirrel making it's way up a tree.  Waiting to pounce with those infamous words..."get off my lawn!!!".

It might perhaps lead from childhood.  Being an only child I didn't get the luxury of learning to share with siblings.  When something is mine, it's mine.  My home and yard are somewhat the same, I don't like sharing with my area with others.  Especially people I haven't a clue who they are!  However, owning a home on an extremely busy avenue, I have come to grips with trash constantly having to be picked up, the occasional dog surprise left behind and even a parking challenged vehicle once in awhile.  When it becomes a common, everyday thing though, well, yeah, the curmudgeon in me seems to be on the rise.

So, What Has My Blood Boiling Enough To Take To The Web?

Recently, a construction group has been doing remodeling on a house a couple of doors up.  Always great to see improvements to the homes in our neighborhoods!  But do we need to use my boulevard lawn to park on every day?  I mean, I know it doesn't look like a lot, but hey, driving trucks over it every day isn't going to make it look any better!

JD Knite
JD Knite

Maybe They Have Stock In An Alignment Business Too

Not Sure I Should Pick This Fight, But Here It Goes!

With laws in place that make the homeowner responsible for upkeep on wintry walks to help anyone getting from A to B via the shoelace express, it grinds the gears that someone wouldn't use them!  Cutting across my lawn 6 days a week is starting to leave a better trail than some elk and cow paths I have come across over the years.

JD Knite
JD Knite

Snow Melt & Clear Walks Naw, Trudge Through The Snow Instead!

So, justifiably angry or just getting old and angry?  Sound off in the comments in our socials or use the app link below to download and let us know your thoughts!  One thing I know for sure, I won't be using my home for a rental like The Rock at any point!  Check out his digs below, and yes, you can rent it!

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