It is already starting to creep into my thoughts.  The taste of a little warmer weather, a little bit of sunshine and even a few little green sprouts starting to come up.  They are in my driveway in the form of weeds, but!  There are signs that spring is going to happen in Great Falls and Montana!  So yes, my thoughts are already turning to not only golf, but those of getting my lawn prepped and ready for the big thaw and then getting beat down by the summer sun, heat, dogs and family gatherings.  Time to get our lawn on!

Let's Get Started On Becoming Your Block's Mr. Green Jeans

Before we get into our prep list, let's get the major thing that happens with lawns dealt with.  Patience.  While we may want to dive in on that first date in March, dependent on our winter, it may be just a bit to early to start.  Several reasons for waiting until that first good thaw involves your lawn.  Leftover leaves or debris can help with several species of bugs that are great for our lawn.  Disturbing those winter nesting areas can lead to your lawn not being it's greatest with unwanted pests.  You may damage the new growth of the lawn if you rake to early as well.

Time To Get Out The Tools Of The Trade And Get To It!

Hopefully you have that garage cleaned up and you know where your tools are!  Head in and start grabbing!  Flexible metal tine rake, tree clippers, a quality wheelbarrow and seed/fertilizer spreader will make things a breeze getting started.  Then it's on to making sure the lawnmower and weed trimmer are in shape to make the perfect lawn!  Here are 5 easy ways to get started this year.  Have tips of your own?  Like, share and comment on our socials, download our app or email us here.  Happy spring and yard work fun everyone!

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Have The Itch Already? Be Easy On Your Lawn To Start!

We all want to jump in and make our yards look their best when we start seeing sprouts and have some sunshine. While you can start prepping, holding off a little can be beneficial. Here are 5 ways to get going this spring to make sure you have the best yard on the block!

Parting Thoughts To Help Out Just A Little Bit More!

If you perhaps have brown patches and are trying to reseed them, remember that applying the pre-emergent or weed killer will cause the seeds not to germinate.  Instead you should fertilize and seed.  Within a few weeks, shoots start to appear.  If the patches are of the larger variety, it may be best to use sod to repair those areas.  A separate consideration for your fertilizers is a corn gluten base with fertilizer.  It's a rich organic additive for your soil, and it is safe to use around children and pets!

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