Tax Day is just around the corner.  If you received your tax refund already, what are you spending it on this year?  Have you caught up your bills from the pandemic?  Maybe the car decided that the transmission is done with life and just wants to give up.  Or even your refrigerator has chosen to give up and not keep things as cold as possible.  Better yet, you just plan to blow it all on fun!

National Trends Versus Our Hometown of Great Falls, Montana

According to a survey by CNBC, across the nation, most everyone is going to try and pay off debts and bills.  Saving that money was a close second, which seems like a really good idea in today's times.  People also listed home improvements, vacations, investments and even donating that money was a listed goal for some.

We Posed the Question, Here Are Your Answers

Folks in Great Falls seem to fall in line with most of the general population.  Some of your responses included:

Trish said:  It was going to be saved but thanks to having kids it went to a new motor for the window in the car because nobody listens about not rolling it down when it's so cold.

Some were more into saving, and kudos if you can do this each year:

Angela replied:   Bank it for the emergency funds. Every year.

There were also folks that were just going to keep it simple:

Joy said:  Thought I'd treat myself to a burger and fries!

What are you spending your money on this year?  Have a special vacation planned?  An immediate bill or emergency that needs to be taken care of?  Comment on our social media, download the app below or email me here.

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