Have you ever wondered how a sport, or a game comes to life?  Even before I started research for this article, I had an idea of how pickleball came to life once I saw the equipment required for families to swing into the fun.  My imagination gave way to someone purchasing a box of toys at a flea market or garage sale, only to arrive home to find that some of the parts of those toys were missing.  But bored kids can lead to something amazing!  As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of all invention!

Pickleball Has Been Around Much Longer Than You May Think!

The USA Pickleball Association website lists the beginnings of this game in the backyard of a family that, yes, was bored and needed something to do!  Started in 1965 as a combination of badminton, tennis and table tennis, it's following has been somewhat small until recent years.  As of late, the sport has seen an explosion with celebrities and former tennis stars picking the game up and helping to bring it to the masses.

Trying Out This Sport in The Electric City - Where To Play

Great Falls has also seen a rise in participation in this sport.  It's a great way to get out and enjoy our city and scenery, it's wonderful exercise no matter your ability or age and it can be a great family fun way to spend the afternoon.  In the Electric City, there are 4 different options to hit the court and serve up the fun.  Check out our list below to be ready for the weather to be nice and get outside!

Great Falls also has a group of players that meet weekly, depending on weather.  You can reach out to them here and find out more information.

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Taking A Road Trip? Take The Fun with You in Our Neighbor State Idaho!

There are 6 brand new Pickleball courts behind the original 6 at Frontier Field on the CSI campus.

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