If you hang out in Montana long enough, you will probably have some interaction with a bovine.  The cow.  I don't mean just on your plate in the form of a rib steak.  I mean heading out and tipping one.  Or branding one.  Even maybe calving one!  They are part of our daily lives living in Big Sky Country!

5th Grade Humor Aside, Apparently This Really Is a Problem

Flatulence.  Breaking wind.  Farting.  Most every animal does it, even us humans.  So cows doing it doesn't seem odd.  But to the government in the U.K. it has become such a big deal, they are considering making ranchers and cattle folk start doing something about it.  It comes in the form of a pill for cows to help stop that methane from ruining our ozone layer.  Serious?  Cows letting out a large blast is causing all the problem?

Getting To The Bottom Of The Poo Pile Smell

Statistics have shown that cows and farm animals account for about 14% of total carbon emissions.  Therefore, the Ministries in the UK have chosen to make ranchers begin giving cattle methane suppressants in order to reduce the belching and farting.  Say what?  Great, another cost that ranchers will need to pay and thus, we as consumers will probably get passed along to us in our cost for that rib eye.  Is it needed?  Comment with us on our socials or with the downloadable app below.  You can also email you response here.

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If you aren't worried about a "dutch oven" from a cow, you may be interested in cuddling with one!  Check out the following gallery to find out more!

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