As my wife spent this past weekend doing our taxes, I often heard disgruntled sounds and words that quite frankly aren't printable in this space.  You have probably either heard or made those sounds at some point since the start of February when you received your W-2 in the mail.  In listening, I realized that while yes, we do pay a lot in taxes, on the federal, state or county and city levels, there are a few benefits when it comes to "paying the man" and getting something back for it.

Trying To Find The Silver Lining Is A Fine Line

Taxes are tough call.  I hate paying out each paycheck and then again when April 15th comes knocking.  On the other hand, there really are some benefits to those that we pay, especially in our city.  When was the last time you stopped at a neighborhood park to enjoy a lunch, or just taking off your shoes and socks to have a walk in lush grass?  Enjoy some of the amenities that tax dollars pay for.  Water parks, fish hatcheries, historical homes, statues and more!

The Glass Cup Can Be And Is Half Full When Looking Around Great Falls!

The bad side is never going to go away as far as taxes go.  That doesn't mean that we can't flip it around and instead of thinking half empty, grab the mindset of it's half full and this is what I paid for!

Have a great place that your tax dollars pay for and want to share it with our readers and listeners?  Hit the comments on our socials or with the downloadable app, or use our email and let us know!

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