People will argue about anything.  The weather, politics, religion, which cartridge is right to take down an elk, what tires are best in the winter, the list goes on and on.  One thing that seems to bring things together though is that of food.  Everyone loves food, so why not come together and celebrate it without arguing about it.  Even when arguments about food arise, it is more about where to enjoy the food, not necessarily what you will be eating for the dinner time.

Getting Together to Form a Plan and Choosing Where to Go in Great Falls

I for one think that Great Falls has a healthy choice for every palate that may be looking for something to put in the body.  Thai, Korean, Mexican, steaks, burgers, even salads are all excellent across our town.  When you think about it, food places really don't stay open long if they aren't serving something that someone out there likes, and it is of good quality.  Think the last place you had a bad steak; did you go back?  Probably not and have moved on to a new place to find that T-bone cooked just right.

Here Is What the Rating Say About Eateries in Great Falls, Montana

According to the review site Yelp, these are the 10 best places to grab a meal in Great Falls.  How about you?  Do you agree with these ratings and reviews?  Let us know in the comments, with our appchat feature in our downloadable app below or email me here.  Happy eating everyone!

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