Battle Of The Burritos In Great Falls: Qdoba vs Chipotle

I'm no stranger to burritos, especially the hefty hunks of goodness that you'll find at both Qdoba and Chipotle in Great Falls.

But have you ever compared the two restaurants and their burritos side by side?

Big Billy provided his thoughts on Chipotle.

You can find his analysis right here.👇

I Ate At The New Chipotle In Great Falls; What Do I Think?

The bottom line is I did just that this weekend, and here are the results.

The Qdoba vs Chipotle Case Study

I ordered a grilled chicken burrito with the same toppings at both restaurants for consistency.

I also ordered a side of chips and queso.

My Thoughts

I can't put my finger on it but when it comes to flavor something makes Chipotle stand out, but the two burritos are similar overall.

With that said, I do prefer Chipotle slightly to Qdoba, but we're talking about splitting hairs here.

As for the chips and queso, there is no comparison in my mind!

Qdoba's queso is the clear winner.

Overall Experience

My experience was very similar at both locations.

Both restaurants were adequately staffed and were very fast and efficient.

The dining areas, on the other hand, could use some work.

At both Qudoba and Chipotle, the dining rooms were a bit dirty and clearly hadn't been attended to in a while.

In my mind, this isn't a huge deal, but worth pointing out.

Overall Value

Both Qdoba and Chipotle offer a ton of food for the money.

However, Qdoba sneaks ahead on its again.

The meal deal at Qdoba is hard to beat, and not to mention guacamole is included!

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