Three New Restaurants Are Coming To Great Falls

The 2024 Ignite Great Falls event had a packed house on Friday the 12th, showcasing upcoming business investments in the Central Montana region throughout 2024.

A New Chapter for a Familiar Space

One of the standout projects in the lineup is Old Chicago's official announcement of taking over the old Boston Pizza location. The endeavor includes a complete remodel of the space, featuring the addition of a casino and bar. Mike Malmberg, spearheading the project, aims to open the doors to the public by the end of June. The venture is expected to generate 60-70 job opportunities, encompassing both full and part-time positions.

More Pizza!

Adding to the roster of transformative projects, Pizza Ranch has secured a lease for the old JoAnn Fabrics location, signaling an expansion in the region's dining options. The establishment aims to open its doors in the summer, occupying an expansive 15,000 square feet. Notably, the new Pizza Ranch will feature a FunZone Arcade, providing an additional entertainment element for patrons.

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Texas Roadhouse at Holiday Village Mall

Despite the absence of the Texas Roadhouse speaker at the Ignite event,  Nonstop Local reports that the new location will be situated at the Holiday Village Mall.

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Tasty Hot Pot: A Culinary First for Montana

Adding a unique flavor to the mix, Tasty Hot Pot has officially declared its arrival in Great Falls, and it is set to open this winter in the old MT Pints location. Distinguished as the first Chinese Hot Pot restaurant in Montana, Tasty Hot Pot is renovating to prepare for its grand unveiling.

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As Ignite 2024 sets the stage for a year of growth, these projects signify physical transformations and the spirit of innovation and progress that defines Central Montana.

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