New Business Alert for Downtown Great Falls

Is it just me that seems to warp through time occasionally in our city?  Are there things that you swear weren't there just a few days ago?  It might involve a city lot that had a building on it that is no longer there.  Or an entirely different business is now there all of the sudden?

There have been several big changes in businesses that are either opening or closing in our city, but this one caught me off guard a tad, because I just now noticed this brand-new facade in downtown Great Falls.

Keeping An Eye Out - I May Need to Have Mine Checked

In the last year in the Electric City, there have been multiple construction projects that have made a huge change in our landscape.  I am still not used to not seeing the Natatorium on 2nd Ave. North.  There are several open lots up and down 10th Avenue South that make me do a double take each time I see them.

Just a few days ago, I made my way from the Westside of town up 1st Avenue North.  That's when I saw it.  Or actually didn't see it.  There wasn't any red on the building anymore.

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Everyday IGA Is No More, But You Still Get a Great Shopping Opportunity

Yep, it's gone.  Well, sort of.  Everyday IGA may be gone, but it doesn't mean that if you frequent the downtown grocery store you will now have to find a new place to grab those essentials.

JD Knight
JD Knight

In its place, an all-new grocery store is set to help you with your food plans for the day.  Opened with a new facade and some changes to the interior of the business, Big Sky Supermarket is open and ready for you to stop by.  Have you checked it out yet?

Perez Food Basket, Great Falls, Montana

Perez Food Basket, Great Falls, Montana

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren


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