Is This Popular Food Chain Coming To Great Falls

This might very well just be a rumor.  You know how it goes, someone makes a comment on social media, someone shares comment, people start talking and next thing you know, your neighbor's little brother has married your best friends little sister last night in the park and Elton John was the musical guest.

Quite a few different businesses have been in this location and hopefully this new one (if the rumors are true) will last a lifetime.

Photo Credit By Google Maps
Photo Credit By Google Maps

Rumor has it that a Tasty Hot Pot will be taking over the former space MT Pints.  I am not familiar with this chain restaurant but it does look pretty good.  MENU | TastyPot (

Now we just wait and see.  Rumor, or not?

Recent Great Falls Business Movement

  • Boston's closed. Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom will be moving into the space.
  • Qdoba has opened at West Bank Park.
  • THRIVEcycle at 503 1st Ave North.
  • Nitro Creamery - 1900 4th Ave NE.
  • Bison and Beargrass open at 413 Central Ave.
  • Jalisco Mexican Restaurant is open on the 2nd floor of the Times Square Building.
  • Play it Again Sports open.
  • Golden Triangle Gym is moving to 801 River Drive S.
  • Classic 50's is newly remolded with a full kitchen and restaurant called Papo's.
  • Portage Supper Club has closed.
  • Partial demolishing has begun at the former Nautilus Spa at 2500 6th Ave S.
  • Crooked Tree East is open at 4117 2nd Ave North.
  • Royal Sass Salon is open at 800 3rd Ave South.
  • Big Sky Quilts now open at their new location 1525 10th Ave S.


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