Is A Poke Bar Coming to Great Falls Anytime Soon?

Convenience is a thing.  Doesn't matter in what form in takes.  Handling everything at one time will always win out.

And if you head to any larger size retail box store, you for sure know what I mean.  Everything is there.  Food, clothing, sporting goods, homewares, you can even have your tires rotated and oil changed.  And many times, at many different stores, you could grab a bite to eat.

Choices Have Varied Over the Years, And Another Choice Is Coming, Maybe

If you have entered into a Walmart store, anywhere in the country, you will notice they also serve food.  Generally, by another large corporation.  Franchises like Subway are common in many locations.  But now, Walmart has announced a new collaboration with a different type of restaurant.

Have you ever been to a "poke" restaurant?  Well, if the trial run goes well in California, we could very well be seeing one come to our state.

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Test Markets First, Then A Big Roll Out for the Rest of Us

Poke is a traditional Hawaiin dish, served over a rice bed, with various toppings.  It is a healthier choice than some fast-food options, and being able to create your own meal is a bonus.  The major restaurant teaming with Walmart is the Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar.  Outlets will start in California for the next 5 months, with expansion set further during the summer in more states.

Founder and CEO of Uncle Sharkii, Fen Reyes, stated the following concerning the new joint effort:

My dream has been to bring the essence of Sharkii Ohana to millions of families shopping at Walmart.

What say you?  Are you excited for the culinary taste in our city?  Have you ever been to one before?

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