I'd wager to bet that most towns in America have their local staples when it comes to restaurants and food.

Two that come to mind in the Electric City are Howards Pizza and Stage Line Pizza.

Although a Native Montana, I was born in Billings, not Great Falls, so please forgive me if I don't get too involved in all the hype surrounding these two pizza places. haha

I have sampled my fair share of pizza from both establishments and will provide my thoughts. 

The History of Howards Pizza

Howard's Pizza was first established in 1959 and has since been serving customers from four locations in Great Falls, MT. The Downtown restaurant was the first to open, and in the mid 1970's, the East and the Northwest restaurants opened. Finally, in 2002, the Southwest restaurant opened. Howard's Pizza offers a signature, handmade crispy thin-crust Pizza made fresh daily from scratch. Our famous sauce and ranch dressing are prepared fresh to ensure the best taste and flavor. Howard's Pizza uses whole-milk mozzarella cheese for all pizzas along with the finest toppings.

Unfortunately, Stageline didn't have their history listed on their website.

If you know their back story, please share it with me!

My Review

I'm sure I will ruffle some feathers by taking the high road in this review, but after comparing the two pizza places, I'm not sure I have a clear favorite.

I compared the Stagecoach Special against the Stein Haus Special, as these two pies seemed similar.

There are differences, but overall, they're pretty similar.

Both were good, and I'd definitely order both of them again. 

I suppose this is a similar debate to the one Nick Northern started regarding Taco Treat!

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