While I hope that winter is still a few months away, I've also noticed a little bit crisper air in the evenings on my deck and the fresh dew in the mornings returning to my lawn.  Yes, fall is in the air, which means winter following, which means we need to start thinking about how to get our lawns ready for colder weather and getting us set up for next year and the best lawn on the block.

The Season Really Is Starting to Come to an End for Summer

As fall starts to creep into Montana, there are a few tips that can help you prepare for winter with your lawn.  While you should continue through September into October with your mower, it should wind down by the middle of next month.  Typically, you should leave your lawn with about 2-3 inches of grass to help with keeping moisture in check, but also protect it from the upcoming frost and snow.

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Here Are 5 Easy Tips to Make Your Lawn the Best for Winter and Next Spring

You've made the cut.  Now it's time to protect that lawn through our tough Montana winters and get ready for the following year.

  1. Keeping things off the grass.  If you have lawn chairs or tables, decorations or lawn ornaments that may cover parts of your lawn, remove them.  They could cause waterlogging and will block out any of the winter sunlight.
  2. Get rid of clippings.  It may start out beneficial, but in the long run in can cause thatch buildup which can eventually destroy your lawn.
  3. Fertilize your lawn.  Yes, there are autumn/fall/winter types of fertilizers that are available to use before that first snow hits and stays.
  4. Those pesky leaves.  You may think it is a natural compost, but in reality, it can block out sunlight and smother the grass in moisture.
  5. Keep off the grass.  Especially if it is wet or frozen.  As winter is the most vulnerable for grass, smothering or squashing the blades can impact the way it protects itself and the soil it's growing in.

What are some of your favorite ways to get ready for the winter months in your backyard?  Let us know via the social media posts, our app chat feature or you can send me an email here.

How To Get Your Lawn Ready For Fall

You keep up with it all summer long; the watering, the seeding, fertilizing, mowing, raking - it seems like a never ending chore that's thankless at its core. Maybe that's why at the first sign of colored leaves on the trees and falling temperatures, many quickly give up the task of lawn care.

And who could blame those who abandon lawn care right after Labor Day and the start of school; cutting the grass isn't really fun to begin with and those extra steps needed to ensure a green and lush lawn (fertilizer, thatching) are just more work than many care to put in.

But totally ignoring your lawn during the fall isn't the best choice of action - especially if you want a nice looking one come spring.

Thankfully, fall lawn care isn't all that much different from what you've been doing all summer long. Here are some good tips to get your lawn ready for to hibernate during winter and press back into shape once springtime rolls around.

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