Getting the best deal and the best bang for your buck is something that everyone is looking for.  With today's pricing on everything from toilet paper to food, saving even a few dollars on a run to the store can mean being able to pay another bill for the month.

If you thought that hitting up any of the "dollar" type stores that decorate Great Falls, or any type of discount business, you may not be saving as much as you think you are.

Why The Hate for The Dollar Stores Across the Country?

Once saving money is mentioned, people may be blinded by the sale vs. the actual quality of product they are purchasing.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyles, many stores have faced accusations of poor working conditions, dangerous and hazardous materials in products, even selling outdated products to consumers.  Complaints it seems are endless when it comes to the big 3 in the dollar store business.

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Getting Your Best Deal Might Not Be at the Cheapest Place

In a recent article from Mashed, some of the highlights of purchasing product at a dollar store might surprise you.

For instance, if you purchase chips, you are probably costing yourself money in the long run.  Always check to see the weight of the bag.  Many times, the cost may be a little more at a different store, but your average price will be much better than that of the dollar location.  In another example, soda pricing is outrageous.  You could be paying as much as twice as much for a single liter of soda vs. buying in your local grocery store.  Oftentimes, 2-liter bottles are a better value, and can be found on sale more often.

When it comes to saving money, you have to check every little thing.  Pricing may seem better on something at the dollar store, but you will probably find just as good of deal for more product at your local grocery store.  Buying in bulk will always save you money, rather than single purchases.

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