Challenge Yourself with the Cascade 66 Bicycle Race in Montana

It has been some time since I rode a bicycle in a race.  How long is long?  How many of you reading this right now have one of these still hanging around somewhere:


Yes.  Yes, I am that old.  And yes, I am a hoarder of certain things.  However, back to the bicycle race.  There is an exciting and picturesque one coming to Central Montana, and while a tad long, I may be able to handle it.  Maybe.

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Travelling The Frontage Road Between Cascade and Wolf Creek in Montana

Anyone from Montana can tell you this is one of the best backroads to take when getting through the canyon, either going to or coming from Great Falls.  Mountains, bighorn sheep, deer and the great Missouri River out the window of your car.

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But instead of your car, how about making that trip via bicycle from Great Falls to Wolf Creek.  And back again.  For a total of 66 miles.  The Great Falls Bicycle Club is set to host the Cascade 66 for 2024 coming on June 15th in Cascade, MT. giving you that opportunity.

Two Races in One with the Cascade 66 in Montana

The race isn't just a 33-mile and 66-mile race along the recreation road.  It will also feature a 41-mile and 29-mile gravel fun race through wild range lands, laccoliths, and meadows.


Registration is currently on, with reduced fees if you sign up before June 1st, 2024.  To find out more about the Cascade 66 for 2024 in Cascade, check the Great Falls Bicycle Club Facebook page, or register for the race here.

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