Montana Tourists - You Should Be Tipping These 10 People

As summer travel begins to heat up for the summer across Montana, we will all probably be out and about a little more than during the winter months.  With that, we'll be hitting stores, restaurants and more to spend our cash.


You will undoubtedly need to leave a tip at a few of those locations as you spend those dollars.  But who should be the recipient of "to insure prompt service" cash?  Does everyone deserve a little extra, even if they really didn't do anything.

The Tipping Conundrum Confuses This Montanan to No End

It isn't only about who to tip.  It is how much.  15%?  20%?  Maybe nothing at all.  It's all so confusing on what is just right, without being a cheapskate or going too far overboard.

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But not only is it the amount that you have to worry about, the who can be just as confusing as how much.  Do I owe my postman?  The receptionist at the hotel I am staying at.  See, the options to tip seem to be endless.

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10 People That Should Always Be Tipped Across Your Travels in Montana

In a new study out by Finance Buzz, 10 professions topped the list of the most important people that needed to be tipped.  You can probably guess a few of those on the list already.

  • Bartenders
  • Food Servers
  • Beauty Salon staff


Those are easy ones.  How about another seven to add to those?  Could you come up with them to fill out a top 10?  We've gathered those together for you in our gallery below.  Do you have others that should be on the list?  Let me know here.

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