Will My Booze Expire in These Brutal Montana Winters?

Even though Mother Nature hasn't brought us the white Christmas as of yet, you can bet that at some point we will see snow.  A blizzard will descend off of the Rocky Mountain Front to bring us the fluffy stuff that will need to be shoveled away and driven through.


You may even live in a section or area of the state that would require you to stock up on items to make it through a cold snap of several days.  Unable to make it to the store for necessities for sustenance.  You know, like breads, or meats and veggies.  Or even booze.

Check Those Expiration Dates on Items Not Used Often

Even when there isn't that chance of being snowed in, I am constantly checking the dates on anything.  Bread, milk, my jug of ranch dressing.  Doesn't matter.  But what about alcohol?  Is there a point at which there is no return for a bottle of the finest that was gifted to you years ago?


What about a bottle of wine that you opened for an occasion, but didn't finish?  How long can it last in the fridge before it becomes more of a science experiment rather than a fine, aged beverage?

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Your Taste Buds Are Probably Going to Hate You for This

Depending on your palette, Delish says that while the definition of "expired" may vary, overall, your alcohol doesn't expire.  But that doesn't mean it is going to taste very good either.  Plus, it depends on the type of alcohol you're talking.


High alcohol content beverages, think whiskey, rum, or vodka will last indefinitely.  Even once opened, fruit flies or evaporation are the biggest factors.  Even wines can last, although the flavor of such may be less than desirable as it slowly turns to a vinegar.


When beer enters the picture, it holds true too.  Sort of.  It comes to taste with this particular alcohol.  Delish states that beer may become stale or flat, but that it won't go bad.  A great suggestion is to use it for cooking rather than drinking if it reaches that point.

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