Learn To Make Your Own Unique Rain Barrel in Choteau

I am not a "penny pincher" by any means.  But that doesn't mean that if I can save a few bucks on something I won't take advantage of that savings.  And besides a little bit of investment, this seems like a pretty easy way to save a little.


Building and installing your own rain barrel can help with those water bills when keeping your lawn, garden and flowers from wilting and dying throughout your summer.  How to go about doing that might be a question you have, but with this event, you get all the details and get to keep the barrel!

Sun River Watershed Group Working for the Greater Good Across Montana

The Sun River Watershed Group (SRWG) will be hosting an event on June 29th in Choteau, MT to show you exactly how to build, decorate, install and maintain your rain barrel for your yard.

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The event runs from 9:30am to 12:30pm at the Choteau Visitor's Center.  The SRWG will provide barrels and hardware, instruction, paint and decorating supplies, and light refreshments.

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To learn more about the SRWG, you can visit their website here.  To learn more about the Build A Rain Barrel event and to register, you can click here.

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