10 of the Biggest Annoyances While Flying Big Sky Country

Even before some of the incidents happening earlier this year in the sky, I have never been a flier.  Or at least a fan of flying.  I'd rather travel the roadway, seeing what I can and being able to enjoy it without anxiety.


But even in those few times that I must board and get to my destination, I have still seen some of the most annoying things that are just one more reason that I hate flying.

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These Annoying Things Were Off the List

Before we hit the big top 10, there were a few things that I noticed that were absent from this list by Business Insider.  I came up with a few quick ones that I think should be considered also:

  • Paying attention at check in
  • Trying to fit a too large bag into the overhead compartment
  • Holding up the boarding line talking with the stewardess
  • Holding up the exit line by talking with the stewardess
  • Talking loudly during the flight

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Don't Be This Annoying Flier When You Board in Montana or Anywhere Else

I'll admit that I hate flying.  It is a hassle to find the right little bottles for shampoo, making sure your luggage is labeled properly, etc.  Even getting my luggage can lead me to swearing.

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Do you have annoying things that you just can't stand when flying?  What are they?  Let us know in our app chat feature or you can email me here.

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