Is This the Coziest Winter Tourist Town in Montana?

Snow.  Generally, about this time of year, Montana is full of it.  We've probably already been blasted a few times in the last couple of months of the year, bringing in a new one like a lion.  Yeah.  Not so much this year.

Even though we are seeing warm temps and hardly any moisture, it hasn't stopped folks from conjuring the perfect vacation to our state to enjoy the wintertime fun that we offer everyone.  But where is the coziest place to do so in Big Sky Country?

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Was It All Rich People That Took This Poll or What?

Ok, I get that if you could have a little more extravagant type of vacation, this may be the place to get it done.  According to the science put in place by New York Travel Guides, the place to be for the coziest of winters is in Big Sky.

The playground for the wealthy made it to the #13 spot on the list of the 110 coziest winter towns in America.  They gathered data on 575 small towns, using criteria such as popularity with people and photographers, cozy weather and cozy activities.

What Makes Big Sky Any Different Than Any Other Town?

Back to the point of affordability vs. extravagance.  Sure, Big Sky is beautiful, and full of tourists and celebrities.  Cool if that is your thing, but kind of takes away the coziness part of it if the paparazzi are everywhere.

Where are your favorite cozy spots to spend a weekend in Montana during the winter months?  Let us know in the comments or email me here with your locations.

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